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there. >> and two people are dead and 29 injured in tunisis. proestors scaled the embassy walls and set fire to two cars. they're saying they're protecting their faith and their religion. >> in egypt demonstrators burned the american flag. and police fired tear gas this morning, pro testors say an yoin line film that sparked this violence is disrespectful, adding muslims don't hurt anyone. >> symbols of america are not safe now n lebanon, pro testors broke windows and set fire to iconic businesses such as kfc and hardee's. >> in yemen, four protestors were shot and killed in front of the u.s. embassy. 11 others were injured with 24 policemen. >> and palestinian pro testors burned american flags chanting death to america, death to
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israel. the leader of hamas called on the obama administration to apologize for the antimuslim film. today the white house asked you tube review innocence of muslims and to determine whether it violates terms of use. >> white house officials say investigators have no evidence the protests have been caused by anything except the film which the obama administration has called reprehensible and disgusting. >> there is condemnation towards that film and there is fear there may be retaliation here at home. >> there is a forum on how to stop bullying in schools is shedding light on harassment some muslim students go through. now there is fear violence in egypt and libya will bring more hatred ice common that when something happens, either in the united states or overseas, connected with
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muslim that's gets translated into a greater degree of harassment. >> and in concord, christians are denouncing the film which denegrates islam, putting the spotlight on this little-known egyptian community. >> there is a report of two bodies in an east bay motel appears to be a murder suicide. investigators went to the easy 8 motel. >> police aren't giving many details but tell us there were two bodies found inside of a motel room. they do not believe anyone else was in danger and was involved in these death autos they want to talk to a man who owns a white car that was parked outside. >> a school damaged by a fire plans to reopen next week. this blaze broke out in a unit housing administrative
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offices. clean up continued and authorities say the fire was caused by a short circuit. and there are damage estimates into $400,000 range. >> three sus spishus fires broke out around midnight. the largest started in a tree fire spreading to a strip mall and there are two smaller areas were quickly contained and no major damage reported. this morning crews responded to yet another fire around 10:00 this is one that burned trees and brush in the backyard of a home. officials speculate it may have started in a homeless encampment. >> there is monday, the anniversary of the first occupy wall street protest. >> locals are getting ready for a demonstration set to start in about a half hour in oakland. >> and there is occupy oakland
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preparing for a demonstration here in front of the federal building and they say they're planning to show solidarity for a group of people arrested in the pacific northwest. there is a democrat vacation and occupy oakland proved to be one of the active camps. today, aclu announced they have received 13 pages of documents and laying out government efforts to monitor activities. and fbi was mainly concerned with demonstrations aimed at the port of oakland. and fbi sighting national security concerns. ablu says they want to know what is contained in the document that's they did not release.
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>> there is a second person in contra costa county contracted west nile virus. officials say a woman began showing symptoms in august. the first case this year was reported in a woman from central contra costa this week and there are boblg that are recovering. >> and if you're flying there could be flight delays this weekend at san francisco international airport. one runway sk shut down for safety improves and there is one shut down beginning tonight and lasts until monday. >> transportation officials are finalizing plans to close san mateo bridge two weekends to fix a cracked beam. and they say this will be in a section retro fitted.
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steel place were welded on as a temporary fix. >> iphone 5 fever is now in full swing. it's madness out there. there is now a two to three week wait for the new phone. >> meaning preorders are sold out, but at and t, very on and sprint are saying they'll ship by september 21. consumers can show up at apple retail stores next friday for walk in purchase autos there might not be a big deal on a campus but today celebrity scene around stanford are movie stars. vins vaughn and owen wilson are filming the internship. two 40 somethings get a foot in the door at google. >> take a look. she's being called olive the miracle mom. the first time a sea otter has given birth after being found covered in tar, near death. she got the name when vets
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near santa cruz bathed her in olive oil. she has a facebook page with hundreds of fans and are is offering congratulations autos let's take a look at weekend forecast. >> there is a another day like yesterday and another one coming our way this is cloudy skies, but fog from the coast will start to expand and push locally across the bay during late night hours, temperatures between mid-50s and 70s. there are lows will be from of upper 40s to low 50s. and warm in virtually all locations. lows into low highs moo low 60s, there is another warm day,
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the second part of the weekend is going to be cooler. the accu-weather forecast a little bit late year and still ahead on abc 7 at 4:00 the last day to stop tax free on amazon. >> and wins or apple. the great week for the silicon valley giant. a live report is coming up. >> there is michael finney taking questions friday and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on and on twitter. >> checking traffic in this 4:00 hour. downtown san francisco this is the view live looking out of the skyway. it's the normal crawl going left to right. there is more on abc 7 news at
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breaking news we're following is in los angeles. a wildfire erupted in the hills above sepulveda pass on the east side of interstate 405. there is lots of smoke, blistering heat and windy conditions are fanning flaips, fire officials say the fire burning through two acres of brush near the getty center art museum. it's closed as a precaution. the fire is approaching several large homes. we'll monitor this throughout the hour and bring updates here on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> there is serious online shop goinging noncalifornia. consumers bri tri to beat a law that begins charging taxes on most internet purchases. the law taxes take affect at midnight.
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shoppers can save between 7% to 9% by charging items through this evening. and state officials say the new law brings in $100 million in new revenue during the first year, just from the purchases alone. the board of he saigs hired 35 new auditors and collect dwrorz hand qlel this wind fall. >> business news, stark warnings from the obama administration. but first another victory for apple. and we're live with the rofrt. >> another win forp apple in the globel patent fight. >> and this is the iphone maker's second u.s. court victory after a jury ordered samsung to pay more than $1 billion. there is no jury prediction this time. there is a new record high
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today, pulling back to close up 1 tth 2 frs, facebook shares hit the highest price in a month. shares up another 6% today, closing at $22 a share, this is after a report of the new ad exchange, companies being integrated with a new iphone and ceo mark zuckerberg gave a first post ipo interview offering a plan to expand mobile advertising. ousing prices in california matched nearly four year high, cost of living jumping in august. the most in three years. this is according to labor department fuel costs are mostly to blame. and there is trulia says it's cheaper to rent in every area in the nation on. the obama administration says
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$1.2 trillion cuts woil wo have a devastating impact on defense and other programs. the white house office of management and budget says it would have to cut $109 billion in defense programs with medicare, markets rallied as bond purchase program starts to take affect. your bloomberg silicon valley closing higher, also and there is time yet again. there are holiday spending plans already, walmart coming out with top 20 toys so kids may be asking for, get ready, start sthoping, get your furbie. there is leap pad two is second followed by v tech tab blet. larry, back to you.
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>> the president and first lady hosted u.s. olympic and paraolympic teams at the white house today, saluting athletes on the south lawn. mrs. obama watched many of them this summer, calling a fan in cheeft president told the athletes they cannot have been better. >> importantly there may be specially conducting yourself on a world stage. >> united states won 104 medals. they took place after the summer games and a record number of people, 2.7 million came to watch. >> finding nemo is one of the pixar biggest hits, ever, what could be better than rereleasing in 3 d?
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>> the movie redefined animation with the scenes and colors, do you remember? nemo, dori. reengineering was not easy this, is some task. there are animateors spent 18 months reworking the movie. >> how far back and how far forward with closest objects like a visual accordion we can push, full pul and create more or less space out of a given shot. >> a big challenge was resurrecting the movie from a 10-year-old program they no longer use. finding nemo 3 d hits theaters today, pixar is owned by disney which is a parent company of abc 7. >> that will be fun to watch. >> and i'd like to rerelease
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today's weather. >> and there is things looking good now. here is a great look live view from our sutro camera looking towards southeast, east southeast, you can see there are is patchy coastal fog and another view of that and you can see most of the coastline has sunny skies now. there is sunshine around the bay and inland there is is pretty mild to warm across the bay area there is 78 in santa rosa. warmest region is the inland east bay. 89 degrees in antioch there is 86 in fairfield. 84 at concord there are warm again, tomorrow, like today
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and there is a cooler pattern continuing on sunday lasting a few days. water vapor shows a dip in the jet stream and there is a trough developing. it moves east and is going to influence that cooling trend starting here sunday and is continuing tuesday. overnight tonight there are some upper 40s and low 50s, fog pushing locally inland. at 5:00 in the morning we'll have some fog around and quickly burning back to the coast and away from the coast like it has last couple days there is sunny skies, and 70s around the bay there are mainly low 80s and peninsula,
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70s for the most part. 77 palo alto there is 65 the high downtown tomorrow, a range from upper 70s to low 80s over the north bay. east bay, oakland 71 tomorrow, 74, inland east bay warmer with upper 80s to low 90s and here is the accu-weather forecast. is a warm up near the end of next week just slight changes and no severe swing autos looks great. >> thank you. >> there is lady gaga's latest surprise. >> and taking a look right now at the bay bridge, things are moving nicely there. just a slow down if you don't have fast track but it's
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looking like a good get away friday. stay with us. abc 7 news tips right after this.
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a reminder about our afternoon line up, starts at 1:00 with general hospital. who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00 and then, there is katie couric's new show,
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"katie" at 3:00. and there is some entertainment news now, angelina jolie continues her middle east tour. >> and there is lady gaga spectacle, yet again. >> lady gaga is full of surprises and the latest is getting a tattoo. she got the ink on the back of her head as she sat in an oversized fragrance bottle. ask angelina joel gee in turkey giving voice to syrian refugees there. she was in jordan doing the same thing. she's a special envoy for the united states. and celebrating a new book and the excitement behind "dancing
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with the stars". >> so we're going to see a taping of "tansing with the stars". >> it's a show touching a lot of people that might not know me before so this will be kind of a new generation, hopefully voting for peta and i. >> you can catch the premier september 24th and watch "switched at birth". >> and piedmont born is green day and the musical guests on "good morning america". and the tour will bring him to the fill more september 28th. armstrong suffered a medical emergency a few weeks ago causing the band to cancel a concert, today he was looking
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good. >> and there is more ahead, new prch on authorities to dig into a tasering incident in a developmental center. >> and a tamer campaign this week but it's starting to pick up. new battle ground states. >> and an unprecedented move &íju2ê32j@hzb.s9ad@a.j
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want to talk you back to live coverage of the wildfire burning in los angeles. the fire we're telling you about is on the sepulveda pass on the east side of the 405. the getty center has closed as a precaution as we spring back towards the fire. at least 15 acres have been consumed and there are 100 firefighters on the ground. you can see just a wall of flames that is up the hillside. temperatures near 100 degrees wind not as much as a factor now but getting these fires burning sometimes, they create weather systems and patterns so we'll keep you posted but
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east side of interstate 405 in los angeles. >> there is feds and state investigating taser of people with disabilities in sonoma. abc 7 news is in the newsroom with more on this for us. >> there are sonoma district attorney working with the states internal police agency that has reopened its investigation of possible taser torture and taking a look at that investigation. >> advocates are pressuring the district attorney for an independent investigation on the tasering incident at sonoma developmental center. they believe 12 people were assaulted by someone with a taser and possibly this man, archie melora.
4:30 pm
he was fired and plead nod contest to an unrelated gun charge. and there has never been an investigation. right now it's infer investigation by ops. >> what we want is a sheriff to do an independent investigation aside from what ops said that. fox in the hen house issue. >> there is where he says they are making progress. >> the district attorney has met with us and she's responded and communicated back to the state attorney general and with the fbi. we're glad to hear that. >> anderson and others say the taser investigation shows the needs for changing in the law. so possible assaults on the state vulnerable are reported to law enforcement.
4:31 pm
kathleen's son is in a state facility and says the center has good state monitoring which also highlights need for better laws. >> if this can happen there, it can happen anywhere. >> and there are five bills on the governor's desk and again, one by senator mark reno would require reporting of possible abuse to outside law enforcement. >> there are bodies of four americans returned to the u.s. today. the president paid tribute. both mr. obama and mitt romney tound -- toned down the tough talk in light of the attacks abc 7 news has more. >> leading grieving for four americans including ambassador,
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chris stevens the president called the men patriots. >> and and the president vowed vowed to do everything protect everyone overseas. on the defensive for a controversial statement in the after math, mitt romney was silent today. and vice president nominee paul ryan accused the president of failing to lead in a time of crisis. >> american foreign policy needs firmness of purpose. >> did he attack the president on the snump ohio for economic records. >> we're going to have a president getting this ge going and put people back to work. >> romney, criticized for not being more active on the campaign trail cancelled plans
4:33 pm
to spend the weekend in a san diego beach house and added events in battle ground states. the president is taking the weekend off and will be here in washington but is back on the trail in ohio on monday. >> and hope benedict with and the weekend visit comes when civil war is ravaging neighboring syria days after the attack in liba. lebanon has the largest percentage of christians in the middle east. >> the fbi investigating whether bomb threats this morning are somehow connected. tens of thousands of students and staff were he vac vaited. officials say a man called in a threat of bombs on campus claiming a section to al qaeda
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and investigators found nothing in the university. >> a bold move from the british royal family, pursuing legal action against a french magazine trying to prevent it from reprinting topless pictures of the duchess of camebridge. they were in the far east when learning about the photos and word is that they're furious. >> you've given us the most wonderful welcome. >> day days into the tour the royal couple learned nude photos were printed in a french gossip magazine, said to have been taken in this frechblg estate. will and kate spent several days before the trip began. the couple learned the news before touring a mosque. sources tell abc news at first they were saddened then, angry. now, the st. james palace says there is legal action being
4:35 pm
launched. >> there is talking about a long lens, on vacation and in france. the privacy laws are tough. >> in a statement the palace called the photos reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and pap wrats rathsy during the life of dianea. princess diana died fleeing the paparazzi. >> if they get taken to court they will be delighted. >> the photos come weeks after prince harry was photographered nude partying in las vegas. but the editor says this is different and offends the publication. >> one out of two women are topless in every beach in the world. these aren't degrading pitcher autos closer magazine is not revealing how much it paid for the photos. their attorneys handle this matter back home. >> and could your job be
4:36 pm
increasing your risk of heart attack? >> and today in 7 on your side q and a is just ahead. i'm taking your questions and you can contact me and i'll answer your questions here, live in just a little bit. >> from our camera, blue skies, will that last throughout the weekend? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> there is nothing from brake lights from emeryville to berkeley. and this there is gridlock. better for folks on the right side of the screen. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in just a moment. hello?
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checking healthy living news over the counter medications can ease muscle and joint pain. the fda warns some may cause burns. consumers have been reporting mild to serious burns and the fda says there have been 43 reported cases of burning and blistering. some serious enough to send people to the hospital. and this contain an ingredient
4:40 pm
that warms the skin. >> and risk of cancer of the esophagus can be reduced when a person stops drinking alcohol. those are findings of studies that suggest the cancer risk can be cut in half within four to five years after a person quits drinking to the same of a person who never drank within 16 years. >> there is holding on to your job may be good for your bank account, but perhaps bad for health. a study found employees with very demanding jobs and not much freedom have a 23% higher risk of suffering a heart attack. and for employers extra strain costs $300 million in lower product activity and extra medical fee autos heading into
4:41 pm
the weekend there should be no stress. >> and there is a look at conditions we expect to reveil nationally. there is a typical looking day and there is highs into 70s to low 80s, 80s into the southeast and there is 93 in phoenix. showers tomorrow along the gulf coast. here in the state of california there is hot weather and highs of 92 in chico. 94, sacramento. 103 in fresno. 100 in los angeles this is 105 in palm springs. here in the bay area tomorrow, we'll see another summer spread like today with 59 in pacifica. there is our usual summer
4:42 pm
spread. there is a bigger of the highs, mainly sunny skies, highs into low to mid 60s and around the bay into 70s up to about 80 then, 80s to low 90s there is a lovely start to the weekend. >> and there is tomorrow night for stanford's game? >> i'm predicting a lot of scoring and passing. >> and there is going to be mild. >> and there is just in case you didn't hear it some celebrities coming to the bay area, we've got a sneak peek at macy's passport fashion show raising opinion for aids. >> and there is a feature
4:43 pm
taking six degrees of kevin bacon. >> and i'll have the answer to more in your consumer questions and that is coming up. >> at 5:00 taking back streets of oakland to a good, old fashioned police tactics. newest attempt to shame johns from soliciting prostitutes and apple store, thieves drove a car into smash
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30th anniversary of the macy's fashion show takes place in san francisco. >> this is all about fashion with compassion, a benefit for important charities. there is nouf a preview. >> we used to call it passport, but it's dazzling and dedicated to charities benefiting from the show of fashion. >> this features classic names and emerging designers. this is big, edgey this, has never been a regular runway show. >> there is trying to create an emotional ride for the audience. it has highs and lows and everything in between.
4:47 pm
>> this is called british invasion, music then, fashion now. a salute to beetles and rolling stones. they were you tube phenoms. this gives added style. it's a year in the making. there are choices of designers after fashion week in february. there is a special mix of styles. >> it's hot and sexy as we call them. >> there are interviews of more than 600 models. it's been about charities and iconic church and emergency fund. >> this is an important cause, three years after it started this is no cure.
4:48 pm
goal is to raise funds for services for groups here. >> the show is tonight at market street in san francisco at 8:00 p.m. take -- tickets are still available. we have details on abc 7 macy's has given $30 million to groups in 30 years. i went to see the he skprent got to meet back stage, elizabeth tailor. >> and it probably won't be used in runway fashions but department of defense unveiled a material as long as -- strong as medal. >> and light enough to rest on a rubble. it's -- bubble. it's made out of nickel. inspired by areas like eiffel tower. >> researchers translated the design into a tiny scale. next goal making it as strong
4:49 pm
as steel, light as plastic. >> wow. >> and popular party game six degrees of kevin bacon just bake less challenging. and there is a kool tool to help you firnd information. there is just in case you're wondering there is a number of two. >> thank goodness,. >> michael finney is here answering questions and there is a car dealership e mailing advertised online. a 2012 escalade for $8609. do they have to sell it for that? that is probably 80,000. >> there would be a line heading out of the door and there is reality is that with
4:50 pm
case law, if there is a mistake, and right there there is a $40,000 mistake. if they're trying to you know... fake you into coming into the dealership it may be bait and switch. and there is an outrageous difference. >> shannon e mailed this question. phone car transactions are always cash with no sales tax is this normal? >> this is a great question. you get a card. have you and didn't comcast
4:51 pm
convert to digital? i got a letter saying i needed to get a converter. what changed? >> there is a lot of questions about this. all broadcasters did a digital switch over. a lot of companies did a major digital switch over. and there is still a signal going into your set that. is why for basic cable, you don't need a box and can plug into tv. those days are over. they want to get rid of that ana log. and so every tv needs a box now? >> yes. yes. >> sure. >> and there is a breast feeding controversy in the classroom. a professor nursing her daughter this front of
4:52 pm
students while conducting class. >> first a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> good to see you, coming up powerful images. bodies of four americans brought home, marines now sent overseas. teams reporting here and then we're going to switch gears we ask cot next million dollar invention be sitting in your home?
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breast feeding in public is a hot button issue. a teacher brought a baby to school. when it was time, breast fed during class. did she go too far? claire shipman has the story.
4:56 pm
>> and i'm sorry we're having difficulty was that report. we're going to have to say goodbye for now. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. there is this alarm clock app for the iphone. you can down load it free and receive headlines the moment you wake up. and abc 7 news begins right now. >> a navy son's body brought back to america. antiu.s. tensions heat up in the middle east. >> how good citizens being called to duty to shame johns from seeking out prostitutes. >> and there is summer winding down. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up.
4:57 pm
>> body of a native son is now back on u.s. soil. president obama paid tribute to him ask three other americans killed in the attack. good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm cheryl jennings. there was an emotional ceremony and there is a the secretary spoke glowingly of ambassador steven autos people love to work with chris. and as he rose through ranks they loved to work for chris. known not only for courage, but for his smiles. goofy but contagious. for his sense of fun, and that california cool. >> the bodies of stevens, sean smith and tyrone north take dwron a more twairy. funeral plans and anger
4:58 pm
spreading to parts of the east and there is more violent demonstrations. mark math use has the story. >> there are some riots in indonesia. and that is where officials say two demonstrators died in clash was police outside of the u.s. embassy. let's take a look at the capitol of lebanon and pripoli. demonstrators set fire to a hardee's and kfc. security forces shot off tear gas at 2000 people marching on the u.s. embassy and there is a team of marines now monitoring things there. pro testors met with gunshots friday. several dozen stormed u.s. embassy compound and setting fires to cars and raising a flag emblaze oned with the
4:59 pm
muslim profession of faith. proestors set fire to a school next to the compound then preventing firefighters from approaching it. this is said to be a reaction to a u.s. made movie and at uc berkeley a member of the tunisian parliament says freedom of speech can only go too far. >> this film was just a film. it's a definition. and if defamiliaration begin against african americans took place, no one will accept it. if against the lord would take place no, one would accept it. against sharia, it's illegal. >> in the u.s. denying the holocaust is not illegal, nor is making fun of religion. any religion. coming up at 6:00 an expert in

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